Monday, 16 October 2017

Ocean pollution and what can we do about it?

‘Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.’ — W.H. Auden

As 70% of the earth is covered with water, many of us have probably thought at some point before that because the ocean is so vast, the litter ending up in it would get diluted and will eventually disappear. However as we can see the issue has strongly accelerated recently. Today, plastics are the number one type of waste found in the sea, and one of the reasons that plastic pollution is such a problem is that it merely breaks down into smaller pieces attracting more debris but won’t go away.

This litter is found everywhere from the North Pole to desert islands and affects dozens species of marine life which as seafood can end up on our plates causing serious health problems.
The truth is that the biggest cause of oceanic pollution comes from activities based on land like sewage, industrial runoff, deliberate garbage dumping into waterways, etc. Recent study has found that microplastics (small particles of plastics) can also get extracted of synthetic clothing, like polyester or acrylic and a single cycle of a washing machine could discharge more than 700,000 plastic fibers into the environment.

In spite of many organizations’ efforts, an estimated 19 billion pounds of plastic garbage annually enter the ocean. Around one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution and three hundred thousand dolphins and porpoises die each year as a result of becoming ensnared in thrown away fishing nets, among other items, even the rings of a plastic six-pack holder can pose a big danger.

Everyone can do something to reduce their personal footprint and here are some tips on how we can help:
 1. Do not litter. Always “take five” whenever you leave a space to ensure that you’ve collected all your trash.
 2. Whenever you see litter - dispose of it correctly. This seemingly small action will add up.
 3. Steer clear of microbeads. Plastic microbeads are sometimes added as an exfoliating agent to beauty products like face scrubs, body washes and toothpaste. They can go along unfiltered through sewage systems and end up in waterways, and ultimately the sea.
 4. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Reduce use of disposable plastics (bags, bottles, straws), utilize your own reusable bag to purchase groceries and of course, dispose of plastics properly.
 5. Spread the word. Make your friends and family aware of the pollution issues as people cannot change what they do not know about.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How to retain high quality cleaning standards in the commercial (office) environment

How to retain high quality cleaning standards in the commercial (office) environment

Maintaining unparalleled service is the fundamental principle to building strong relationships with the client. In this article we will discuss what makes a suitable office cleaning company and how to make sure the standards of cleaning are on par with customer’s expectations.

First of all, experienced staff plays the biggest part in the whole process. When choosing among numerous providers on the market today, you would definitely wish to employ highly-trained, capable and skilled operatives who have experience working in the similar to yours workspace environment, someone who will clean like they’re cleaning their own office. Trained professionals will possess a thorough approach to cleaning which is something to factor in as well.

Secondly, you would like to make sure that different trainings are being carried out on a permanent basis for cleaners so they are up to date on new methods or cleaning products to ensure the immaculate cleaning results.

On top of the mentioned above, keeping highest standards while using green cleaning products is most efficient as the majority of these cleaning solutions meet environmental standards for commercial cleaners. They are also able to tackle the toughest jobs without any poisonous side effects that we can get by nasty chemicals.

The quality of the cleaning provided is indeed critical, but that is not everything. Strong interaction between the client and the customer service is extremely important in every cleaning business. Genesys Global Survey shows that the 78% of customers say that competent customer service representatives are most responsible for a happy customer experience. Responsible cleaning company will be there for you, they will assign a dedicated account manager who would navigate the process, have a good knowledge of client’s requirements and who can promptly respond to any arising requests.

Last but not least, a professional cleaning service will have a system in place for regular spot-checks of cleaning which would normally need to be followed up on with the client.

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spring clean is in the air

Spring clean is in the air.

For those of us who hasn’t come around doing their spring clean this year, it’s high time for you to jump on the case. Your home will be grateful for the effort of airing, cleaning and de-cluttering and you will feel different too – proud of your job and your lovely home.

Those are the basic rules of a proper spring clean:

- Motivate yourself. Flick through glossy interior magazines. Beautiful homes aren’t’ they? Your home deserves look lovely too! A bit of an effort goes a long way and will make your home fresher, sunnier, neater, calmer and more lovable – that what your sanctuary should feel like.

- Declutter your space and reorganise the drawers. An important thing to do for any household
– especially as we do not perform this often while we do buy new staff regularly – be it a new jumper, new toy or new tea cup.

- Attend to cleaning tasks which you do not do on regular basis, this could be

Cleaning your windows
Dusting your lamp shades and fixtures
Dusting ventilation fans
Changing the filters in your fan extractors or degreasing the ones that do not change
Cleaning your garden/ balcony furniture
Wash your sofa pillow covers and throws
Wash/ dry clean your curtains and nets – they have been accumulating dust the whole winter and it has to go.
Refresh you carpets by steam cleaning them.
Wash mattress covers and steam clean the mattress.

- Try making it fun by getting some help from your friends and family, putting on an energizing music and rewarding herself after the job has been completed by going out for a dinner, treating yourself to a new dress, lipstick, new pair of shoes or anything you have been fancy but couldn’t justify buying because you do have loads of dresses/ lipsticks/ shoes etc. Hopefully you got rid of a few items while de-clattering and now there is a room in your wardrobe for new things!

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