Friday, 16 January 2015

Why we all have to have a clean, organised and de-cluttered house or rules of de-clattering.

Did you know that cluttered and messy home can create constant low-grade stress and slowly but surely drain your energy?
Did you know that a sign of depression is clutter or the constant presence of a messy room?

According to a study done by a team from Boston University, Smith College and Hartford College, 57 percent of patients who are classified as hoarders (those living in squalor or messy homes) suffer from depression.

A few easy tips on how to de-clutter:
-              Schedule your de-cluttering session, for instance once every 3 months
-              Break the task into small parts- a drawer/ section at a time
-              Rule of thumb – if you haven’t used a thing in the last 12 month- you don’t really need it and it’s time to say Good Bye to it. Be strong!
-              Donate unwanted stuff – it feels good and it’s easier to part with the things if it’s for a good cause
-              If the stuff is expensive and you can’t bring yourself up to give it away for free – flag them on E-bay
-              Ask your friend to help you. I always do. Every time I am clinging to a piece of clothing I never wear – she would insist on me parting with it. She always says that I am freeing the room for a new exciting staff I WOULD use and wear!

Good news, you don’t have to do it alone- we can help you to do this! The task does not need to be daunting and could be completed fairly quickly with a bit of help from professionals.
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